Keep Safe ~ Stay Healthy Covid  19 Policies


The safety and well-being of each and every attendee is our utmost priority.

• Masks are required at all times  in public areas as well as the changing area.

• All attendees will be responsible for bringing their own masks.

• Masks are  required for all RDE  faculty and guest artists at all times.


• Dancers will be 6 ft apart during workshop. Space will be marked.

• Sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the venue. Please wash and sanitize hands often.

• Please sanitize hands at the performance entrance before and after each routine. • There will be no observers in the studio. (There will be a livestream for competition)

• There will be no water fountain. Please bring your own water bottle to refill.

• Entrances and exits will be marked to avoid crowding.

• Studios will be given blocks of times to use dressing rooms and compete their routines.

• Dressing areas should be limited to teachers and studio owners only.

• Dancers in the same studio may touch while dancing. There are no limitations regarding touching or interacting while performing on stage within the studio pod. • No Large Props allowed. Sorry but the space is limited and needed for social distancing

• No parents backstage. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• There will be no “onstage” award ceremony. Results will be livestreamed.

• Awards may be picked up on Sunday at workshop

• In-Person Scholarships will be presented at the end of each age group on  Sunday

• End of each block schedule, studio will be cleaned before next group comes in.

• Depending on the Governors speach this month, we may lift some restrictions.